Special: Dust & Pollen Filters

It is recommended that the pollen filter be replaced every year. Facts you must know:

  • Dust and pollen filters prevent pollen and fine dust from unduly penetrating the vehicle interior. If the filters do not work properly, they can pose a safety risk, because:
  • If you sneeze suddenly when driving at 50 km/h, you could travel
    up to 13 metres without seeing the road
  • According to the AvD (German Automobile Club – Automobilclub von Deutschland), one in four accidents is caused by the effects of allergies, such as sneezing
  • Increased levels of dust, soot or micro-organisms in the air can cause driver to suffer from fatigue and lapses in concentration
  • Unpleasant odours can occur if dirt particles cannot be absorbed by clogged filters and instead get into the air-conditioning system
  • A clogged filter also reduces the blower speed. As a result, windows fog up more quickly leading to restricted visibility

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