Pfaff Audi Tire Centre

No one knows how to care for your Audi better than the experts at Pfaff Audi. Our technicians know your vehicle inside and out, and we know how the right tires can deliver the combination of cornering grip, tread life, and ride comfort your Audi deserves.

Trust the experts at Pfaff Audi to have the right tires for your Audi when you need them. We’ll ensure the tires you choose are right for your vehicle and meet your specific driving needs. We can provide tires designed specifically for winter weather, to tires built to improve your lap times at the racetrack, and everything in between.

Pfaff’s partnership with Pirelli gives us access to tires that perform in every situation, from mundane to extreme, and ensures our prices are competitive in the market. Our factory-trained and certified technicians have the knowledge to advise you on which tires will best suit your needs.

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