Audi Universal Traffic Recorder

Never miss a moment with your new Audi Universal Traffic Recorder.

The Universal Traffic Recorder is equipped with three different surveillance modes, each features
different functionalities tailored to various driving and parking situations.

  • Standard Mode
    Regular mode for recording
  • Event Mode
    Impact triggered recording
  • Parking Mode
    Record mode will be activated once the engine is turned off
    Video or radar¹ based recording


  • The Universal Traffic Recorder offers flexibility through
    different modes
  • Video, radar and acceleration sensor enable detection of
    relevant data
  • Recorder has its own built-in Wi-Fi hotspot which enables
    a wireless connection to the corresponding Audi UTR app
    Voice guide enables acoustic information regarding
    recorder status
  • Built-in GPS system to find the car when it is parked and to
    determine the speed and acceleration when it is being driven
    All data is instantly saved to an easily electable SD card
  • Recorder produces full HD footage meaning high movie quality
    Audi UTR app is available free of charge and has an intuitive
    and easy-to-use interface
  • Recorder is connected to the power supply of the car
    Thanks to the intelligent battery management system,
    the car’s battery is capable of functioning at any time
  • Thanks to the attachment mechanism, the recorder is quickly
    and easily removable avoiding potential theft and break-ins

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