What to Look for When Buying a Used Car


What to Look for When Buying a Used Car

As one of the most sought-after automotive companies around the globe, the Audi brand of vehicles is a go-to for car enthusiasts everywhere. But what makes them so desirable? Audi stands out in the industry for offering luxury vehicles that are packed with the latest and greatest in terms of safety features, interior materials, exterior styling, and technology assets- all at an accessible price for the buyer. Woodbridge residents interested in buying a used car from us here at Pfaff Audi Vaughan should continue to read through this article to know what to look for upon their visit to our dealership.

Personal Preferences

Keeping in mind your personal preferences when buying a used car is paramount. As you will be driving this vehicle for years to come, it is essential to find a car that speaks to you. Are safety features first and foremost in your mind, or are the engine capabilities what really matters? Making a list of what you are looking for when it comes to the performance under the hood, and the comforts inside of the car will help make sure you find a vehicle that will check all of your boxes. With our extensive inventory at your disposal, this process should be a breeze!

Certified Pre-Owned Programs

Our Audi Certified Programs are a great way to obtain the high-quality standard of the Audi name at affordable pricing. A used vehicle that falls under this program title will provide you with the best used Audis on the market, with extended coverage, added assistance services, and much more!

History Report

Almost 50% of car buyers say they will not purchase a used vehicle without a history report attached to it. Knowing the background of a car is an essential aspect of the buying process. Our facility offers a vehicle history report with all pre-owned and used purchases. This way, our customers have access to the car’s previous accident and damage reports, Canadian and American registration information, with a stolen vehicle check and recall history, all before choosing to purchase the vehicle in question.

Contact Us

If you’ve thought extensively about what is on your must-have list when buying a used car, then a visit to Pfaff Audi Vaughan is in your best interest! Our pre-owned sales facility at 115 Auto Park Circle in Woodbridge is ready to offer you great deals on your dream Audi today.

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