Find a used car dealer in Thornhill


Find a used car dealer in Thornhill

Because so many independent used car dealers have set themselves up in the used car business solely to take advantage of people, independent used car dealers in general get a bad rap, even those who strive to be fair and honest. So, the question is: When searching for a used vehicle, how can you tell if the dealer you are working with is honest and reputable? When you choose the Pfaff Brand, you are choosing quality, honesty, and world class customer service. For high-end pre-owned cars, we recommend that you check out our pre-owned sales facility at 115 Auto Park Circle in Woodbridge. Thornhill residents should continue reading this article if they are thinking of buying from a reputable used car dealership.

Testimonials and Referrals

Any reputable dealer should be able to provide legitimate testimonials and references from recent customers. In order to provide a list of satisfied customers, the dealer had to first create those satisfied customers. Happy customers are a general indication of quality products and good customer service.

Repeat Customers

Ask the dealer how often they work with repeat customers and ask if any of their repeat customers might be willing to speak with you and provide a reference for the dealer. While this advice may be similar to that offered above, the experience of a repeat customer, versus that of a one-time buyer, will provide you with a greater understanding of the dealer’s reputation and will establish the dealer’s history of providing quality products and service. People tend to frequent businesses where they are treated well. Conversely, if treated poorly or taken advantage of, people will not return. Any dealership doing a significant amount of repeat business is likely treating its customers with care and respect.

Honesty and Transparency

Never buy a used vehicle without a comprehensive understanding of the current condition of the vehicle. Transparency is achieved when a qualified mechanic provides a thorough, unbiased, third party inspection of the vehicle and makes the results available for the customer to review. The dealer should also provide a report of the vehicle’s history and should willingly disclose what the dealership has done to prepare the vehicle for sale. Complete knowledge of and transparency about the current condition and history of a vehicle is the only way a dealer can confidently offer a guarantee. If the dealer cannot or will not provide you with these items, you should look for another lot.

The Pfaff Difference

Since 1964, Pfaff has been committed to providing a great experience to our customers. As your expectations and needs have evolved, so have our processes, and today, that means making car buying as fast, simple, and transparent as possible. We’ve simplified the buying experience because we know your time is valuable, our store is built around how you want to buy a car, not the old way of selling them.

Finding a used car dealer in Thornhill is easy when you choose our pre-owned sales facility at 115 Auto Park Circle in Woodbridge!

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