Find a used Audi for sale


Find a used Audi for sale

Purchasing a used Audi is an economical way to enjoy a reliable, luxury vehicle. It is possible to find a used Audi that is still in prime condition and running well. The Audi A4 is by far the most popular model and helped establish Audi as the well-regarded brand it is today. Audi is seen as a close competitor to various models of the BMW and Mercedes. It is a premium German marque that is known for its beautiful design and careful construction. If you are looking for a used Audi for sale in the Vaughan area, then you have come to the right place. Vaughan customers can find a used Audi for sale at our Pre-Owned Sales Facility in Woodbridge, ON. In this blog by Pfaff Audi, we talk about some of the advantages of buying used Audis for sale. 

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Less depreciation can mean a better investment if that is the route you opt for 

Every new car loses value as soon as you drive it off the lot. What most people don’t know is that new cars continue to lose value at a high clip for the entire first year of life, sometimes as much as 40%. A used car depreciated at a much slower rate after that first-year plateau, so you could argue that a used car can be a better investment than buying new for those people who are considering this.

You get more of a selection 

While you can’t pick and choose color, options and trim on a used car like you would on a new vehicle. You are able to shop the different years of a model you prefer, and you have the opportunity to get a model or style that is no longer in production. At our Pre-Owned Sales Facility in Woodbridge, our customers can find a large selection of certified pre-owned Audi vehicles, and some off-brand vehicles as well.

You can avoid hidden fees

Used cars won’t saddle you with hidden costs that can come with buying new cars, like shipping fees (freight). These costs, which can be up to and over $1000 are added to the overall sticker price of a new car.

Lower insurance rates 

Another lesser-known fact is that car insurance typically costs less per month for a used car because the replacement cost is lower than a brand new car. So the savings of buying a used car are evident on a monthly basis in the form of the monthly premium in addition to the sticker price.

Why buy from Pfaff?

The Pfaff difference is all about selling you a car the way you want to buy it. We’re no longer operating with old-school sales tactics where different customers get different deals. With upfront pricing, you won’t have to negotiate. We won’t add any additional fees to your deal. If you have a vehicle to trade, we will give you a written offer with no obligation to buy any of ours. And you can’t buy the wrong car with our return and exchange policy.

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If you are looking to find a used Audi for sale in the Vaughan area, then our Pfaff Audi Pre-Owned Sales Facility in Woodbridge, ON is the place for you. Come in and visit us today! Check out our selection of vehicles and test one by getting behind the wheel. Click here to find our contact information, schedule a test drive, or to speak with a Pfaff Audi representative.