Where to find a pre-owned hatchback


Where to find a pre-owned hatchback

Although sedans remain very popular, hatchbacks are gaining favor, especially in the compact segment. That means if you’re in the market for a compact car, you’ve got a dilemma ahead of you. Do you pick the more traditional sedan or the less common hatchback or wagon? The good news? With Pfaff Audi and our Pre-Owned Sales Facility on your side, you can have a virtually endless selection of Audi vehicles to choose from. When you choose Pfaff Audi when you are looking to find a hatchback vehicle, you will be met with a large selection of different options. There are many benefits to owning an Audi hatchback and if you are looking for where you can find a pre-owned one, our dealership is the place for you. In this blog, we take a look at some of the advantages of driving a hatchback over a sedan. 

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While many cars these days come standard with split-folding rear seats, hatchbacks benefit from this setup the most thanks to their superior interior volume. This means you’ve got more flexibility to carry any mix of people and cargo. That’ll come in handy when you go antiquing or do some impromptu Ikea shopping with a friend or two.

Small on the outside but big on the inside

The expansive interior you get in an Audi hatchback usually equals those of larger cars but without the additional exterior dimensions. In fact, hatchbacks are sometimes smaller than their sedan counterparts in terms of their footprint. This means that if you live in a city or a place where space is at a premium, you won’t struggle to find a place to park your versatile compact car.

More headroom for those taller drivers and passengers

Compared to a sedan, a hatchback offers a slightly higher roofline, which contributes to its ability to haul bulky items with ease. That higher roofline also gives you more headroom. Passengers sitting in the rear seats won’t have to slouch and hurt their necks thanks to that extra bit of space.

Plenty of visibility 

Because hatchbacks are often more upright than sedans, there’s also more glass area. This means you’ll be able to see the car more easily because of the bigger windows around you. Most hatchbacks have rear windows that are more upright, giving you a better view out of the rearview mirror.

Why buy from Pfaff?

The Pfaff difference is all about selling you a car the way you want to buy it. We’re no longer operating with old-school sales tactics where different customers get different deals. With upfront pricing, you won’t have to negotiate. We won’t add any additional fees to your deal. If you have a vehicle to trade, we will give you a written offer with no obligation to buy any of ours. And you can’t buy the wrong car with our return and exchange policy.

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