Electric Car Charging Station near Me

Electric Car Charging Station near Me

When you own or lease an electric vehicle, you must charge it to keep it moving. That might mean using a public charging station occasionally if you’re on the go around Vaughan or Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Pfaff Audi covers the basics of EV charging below, including the types of chargers. Markham and Brampton, Ontario, drivers can learn how to find a public charging station and what to do once they’ve found one.

Where To Find and How To Use Charging Stations

With smartphones in almost everyone’s pocket, it’s become easy to find a public charging station. Popular apps like ChargeHub and PlugShare show you where public charging stations are as well as the current availability and station types.

Once you’ve chosen the charger you want to use, there are three simple steps to charge your EV.

Step One: Plug in Your EV

Open the charging port on your EV and use the provided plug to plug your vehicle into the charging station.

Step Two: Input Payment Information

Some public chargers require payment. If you’re at one of these stations, you can either pay at the charging station itself or on an app for the charging station.

Step Three: Begin Charging Session

Your charging session will begin after you’ve put in your payment information. Some charging station apps will notify you when your EV has finished charging. In the meantime, you can choose to stay with your vehicle or go elsewhere.

Charging Station

Types of Public Charging Stations

When you charge at public charging stations, you’ll have two options:

  • DC Quick Charging Stations
  • Level 2 Charging Stations

DC Quick Charging Stations are the fastest stations available. These charging stations are excellent options if you only have a short time to charge or are on a road trip. Many DC Quick Charging Stations do cost money to use.

Level 2 Charging Stations are the most common public charging stations. These stations take longer but are often free to use. If you have shopping to do nearby, these charging stations can be a good option if you can leave your vehicle for a while.

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