Why Buy a Used SUV


Why Buy a Used SUV

Have you been mulling over the idea of buying a new SUV but are put off by the higher price tags and monthly insurance costs? At Pfaff Audi Vaughan, Woodbridge residents can obtain all they are looking for in a quality used SUV, without the substantial price that usually goes along with them. Please read on to learn how buying used could save you money without compromising on quality!

More Bang For Your Buck

The luxurious and elegant Audi models are yours to discover, as buying a used SUV can see you purchasing a nicer used vehicle, than it might otherwise cost you new. You could essentially obtain a pre-owned SUV with all of the added safety features and modern tech you could want in a car, at a lower price than a new standard model would cost you. Spend less and still obtain more, with great deals on now at our Woodbridge location.

Lower Depreciation

A new car takes a substantial hit in depreciation the minute it is driven off of the dealership, and the following year it is used. You could say goodbye to almost 30% or more of the overall value of your new car within that time. Buying a used Audi, and an SUV at that, is a smart way to avoid this initial drop in value, seeing you get more enjoyment and drive out of your pre-owned vehicle. As pre-owned cars hold their value better than new cars, you will see an overall lower depreciation rate from your purchase.

Better Monthly Rates

As a used vehicle possess an overall lower value than a new car, your insurance rates will also be significantly affected. By buying a used SUV, you could see a drastic decrease in your monthly costs, as insurance rates won’t have to cover higher expenses if you ever get in an accident. Therefore you can be met with savings in your initial purchase of a used SUV, and every month afterwards!

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Woodbridge residents who appreciate a good deal on a great SUV should visit us here at Pfaff Audi Vaughan and our pre-owned sales facility at 115 Auto Park Circle. Please feel free to continue to browse our website at your leisure, or click here to find our contact information, fill out our contact form for further assistance, or schedule a test drive of a well made, used Audi today.