Where to buy an SUV in Woodbridge

In recent decades North America has seen a massive uptick in SUV sales, with more on the roads than ever before. Why is this? Sport Utility vehicles, and their smaller cousin the crossover offer drivers more space, extra safety, and a wide selection of makes and models to bring the best of this automotive class to your doorstep. Drivers looking for great deals on an extensive SUV inventory in the Woodbridge area should consider visiting our pre-owned sales facility located at 115 Auto Park Circle!



Looking to obtain an automobile that can provide you with all of the space and comfort you will ever need? SUVs are the perfect vehicle for those who look to get more out of, and more into, their cars. Whether you need large trunk space for your equipment and cargo or the added seats for cruising around town with your friends or family, our extensive collection of SUVs will give you the choice to find the most suitable one, and provide you with the space to do it all.



Choosing to purchase an SUV is an excellent way of obtaining an overall safer vehicle. With a higher ride height than other car types on the market, you will be able to survey the road and traffic surrounding you, less likely to miss a thing. Pfaff offers the latest in safety technology when it comes to our Audi lineup. With state-of-the-art assistance systems working under your hood and behind the wheel, you can obtain peace of mind and added confidence to every drive.



Buying an SUV in the Woodbridge area is easy, as you will have access to a vast array of makes and models, not just the luxurious Audi brand, at our pre-owned sales facility. With two dealerships in the local area, you can choose between the great deals on Certified Pre-Owned and gently used SUVs in our lineup, or go big and obtain a new crossover vehicle for your driving pleasure.


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Pfaff Audi Vaughan has a great collection of Certified Pre-Owned, gently used, and brand new Audi SUVs, and many other high-quality brand vehicles for purchase at our Woodbridge dealership. Conveniently located at 115 Auto Park Circle, our staff are eagerly awaiting your visit!


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