Should I buy the 2021 Audi Q5 SUV?


Should I buy the 2021 Audi Q5 SUV?

Are you in the market for a new Audi SUV? Are you looking for something that can provide you with cargo space, performance, safety, and a stylish look? At Pfaff Audi in Vaughan, ON, our customers can find vehicles that check off all of these boxes and more! The 2021 Audi Q5 SUV is a very popular choice for many customers who are looking for all of the same features mentioned above. This vehicle is sure t provide the operator with an exhilarating driving experience, all while providing them with plenty of other high-end features. In this article by Pfaff Audi, we share some information about a few of the features of the 2021 Audi Q5 SUV for your research. 

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The adventures are waiting 

In an Audi Q5, quattro all-wheel drive is standard. This gives the SUV the ability to head out at all times of the year, regardless of what the conditions may be. Audi’s all-wheel-drive system is a high quality one, and it’s ready to make adjustments at any time. Whenever a loss of traction is detected, the engine can start to send power to the wheels that have a better grip on the road.

It feels like you are driving a sports car 

In a way, the Audi Q5 seems like it could be at home on a race track. It’s nimble and easy to control, and it has a premium suspension system so that it confidently take turns at high speeds. Audi has paired the engine with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. These types of transmissions are commonly found on high-end vehicles that are performance-oriented, and they can make driving a lot of fun.

You can tow with the 2021 Audi Q5 

When properly equipped, the 2021 Audi Q5 can tow almost 4,500 pounds. This might surprise some who simply see the Audi as a luxury model that simply looks good and doesn’t have the toughness that some other SUVs have. Being able to tow this amount gives people a lot of freedom to bring their equipment or gear with them wherever they go.

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