The Best Of Audi Sport Models


The Best Of Audi Sport Models

Sleek, satisfying, and superior across the board, there are many benefits to driving an Audi, but even further thrilling experiences to be had when driving an Audi Sport trim. To find out the best of Audi Sport models currently available at Pfaff Audi Vaughan, Woodbridge residents should stay tuned below, as we discuss the exclusive nature of this extreme class of cars!

Up The Ante

Heart-pounding, goosebump-inducing driving experiences are always on the menu when you choose to drive an Audi Sport model. The heart of the track and the thrill of the drive are encapsulated in every one of the brand’s sporty trim levels. Racecar performance is ensured, as agile handling, powerful performances, and cutting-edge technology and engineering come standard in each Sport vehicle.

Quattro Capabilities

Quattro technology makes it home in every Sport model since it was first introduced into the automotive industry over forty years ago. This all-wheel-drive system debuted on the rally circuit, taking the Audi brand to new heights, competing for six years and taking home twenty-three world rally championships as a result. The unveiling of this system revolutionized the motorsport industry as it pushed the boundaries of what a sports vehicle was capable of achieving, offering more to the driver with every lap around the track, and kilometre traversed on the road.

Model Choice

The 2019 lineup of Audi Sport models are sure to excite and astound, as this elite brand brings the latest improvements to the market. The RS 3 Sedan, RS 5 Coupé and Sportback, TT RS, and R8 Coupé and Spyder are all currently available at Pfaff Audi Vaughan, ready and waiting to be test driven by the thrill-seeking few. Highly customizable and imbued with decades of Motorsport heritage, these Audi models provide everything you could want or need for your performance-oriented driving style.

Experience Today

To experience the best of the Audi Sport models, why not stop by Pfaff Audi Vaughan and our locally situated New Car Sales facility at 9088 Jane Street, just a short drive away from the Woodbridge area. Buckle up and test drive your favoured Sport model to experience the superior nature of this motorsport-inspired lineup.

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