Toronto Pearson Airport Valet Service

Audi-Screenscape-AirportAt Pfaff, we know time is your most precious commodity – and that quality time with your car is spent behind the wheel, not waiting for it to be serviced.  Our exclusive, and complimentary, service valet at Toronto Pearson airport means you can make the most of your time. Leave your car at Valet Care, and we’ll pick it up, perform any service work you request, and have it back at the airport for you to pick up when you return.


Please note: You will be responsible for paying the airport valet charges of $40.00/day and $25.00 per visit. You must be away for at least two nights to redeem this service.   

To book your service appointment while you are away, please contact Ruth Tammert at 905.952.3583  or

Drop off your vehicle at Valet Care, announce that you’re a Pfaff customer who has arranged for service while away, sign the necessary waiver, and leave the rest to us.  

It’s just another way we’re striving to make your ownership experience even better.