Audi R8: The Supercar


Audi R8: The Supercar

There is one model in the Audi lineup that incorporates the spirit of driving as well as the blood, sweat, and tears of the Audi Motorsports teams: The Audi R8. A supercar that pushes the boundaries of what is possible in a road-legal vehicle. The experience of driving the Audi R8 will heighten all your senses and raise the hair on your neck. Pfaff Audi in Vaughan, ON is here to answer all your question on the Audi R8. 

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What is the Audi R8?

To put it simply, the Audi R8 is the most performance-oriented model in the Audi line-up. It is purpose-built to deliver high levels of performance on demand, yet still compliant enough to drive on public roads. It’s on-track speed, braking, and corning abilities are far above what a normal road car is usually capable of. Not only is the outright performance astonishing, but the designers have also sculpted a beautiful yet aggressive body that has distinct Audi DNA.

There are several variants of the Audi R8, however, they all have a common core set of attributes. Built around an all-aluminum spaceframe, the R8 is a mid-engined vehicle. The 5.2L V10 sits behind the driver but in front of the rear axle, making it the ideal engine placement for weight distribution. The engine is naturally-aspirated, which is almost a unique trait to the R8 in this segment, as turbocharging technology becomes more popular. An engine that is naturally-aspirated has the benefit of a much more lively throttle response and the unsuppressed sound of the engine. With a high 8,700 rpm redline, the Audi R8 has a terrific sound when the V10 screams to the top of its gears. They also all come equipped with quattro all-wheel drive as standard.

Which Audi R8 is right for me?

There are four variants of the Audi R8:

Audi R8 Coupe & Spyder

The first two Audi R8 variants are the coupe & spyder versions. These variants come with the 5.2L V10 engine in its regular state of tune at 532 horsepower. These Audi R8s are more road-focused than their Performance siblings. The engine, suspension, and exterior are more engineered to provide better on-road manners, with the vehicles only seeing slight track-duty. Make no mistake, this is still one adrenaline-charged ride, making the 0-100 km/h sprint in only 3.6 seconds.

Audi R8 Performance Coupe & Spyder

The Audi R8 Performance Coupe & Spyder variants are definitely more suited to ripping up the racetrack than their non-Performance siblings. The engine is turned up all the way to 11, with the V10 producing a mighty 602 horsepower. This drops the 0-100 km/h time to only 3.3 seconds. Every major component has been thoroughly re-worked to provide better lap times and a more focused driving experience on the track. If you are looking for the ultimate track experience, look no further, the Audi R8 Performance is the perfect weapon.

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