The Audi e-tron SUV


The Audi e-tron SUV

Spearheading Audi’s exploration into the world of emission-free mobility and clean driving, the e-tron SUV has created a new way to perceive electric capability. Innovative engineering and decades of research have been encapsulated under the hood, while a modern and elegant design infused with pure Audi DNA outfits this SUV to create an eye-grabbing exterior. Audi enthusiasts interested in learning the details of the Audi e-tron SUV at Pfaff Audi Vaughan should keep reading as we delve into the exciting features below!

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Rugged Yet Refined 

The muscular body and commanding stance of this all-electric vehicle emit an air of rugged athleticism while the sculpted lines and sumptuous interior add enough refined elegance to make this SUV one capable yet luxurious Audi. Take the e-tron anywhere, as the newly developed and ingenious electric quattro all-wheel-drive system utilizes its intelligent programming to provide superior performance capabilities at every turn.

Vibrant Characteristics 

With 9 metallic paint finishes to choose from, and available wheels ranging from 19 to 21-inches, outfit your e-tron SUV how you see fit and create one stunning Audi, all your own! The exterior is not the only thing you have control over, with striking interior details that can be expanded to include refined Valcona leather with meticulously stitched patterns reminiscent of electronic circuit boards to reflect the futuristic appeal of this electric vehicle.

Advantageous Driving 

Go further for longer, thanks to the recuperation system equipped to the e-tron which contributes to up to thirty percent of this SUV’s range. For the first time, three different recuperation modes have been designed to provide the highest output for the driver, including manual coasting, automatic coasting, and brake recuperation, all as a means to feed energy back into the battery during all standard braking maneuvers. Easily choose whichever mode works best for you at the time, with the conveniently placed steering wheel paddles.

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