How does Audi connect work?

audiconnectHow does Audi connect work?

Did you know that you can connect your world with your Audi vehicle? Audi connect is an intuitive, cloud-based service platform that provides you with a range of assistance, information, entertainment, and security features to keep you connected wherever you go. Your very own personal assistant on the road. If you have recently bought an Audi vehicle and you are not that tech-savvy, or you are looking into the purchase of an Audi and want to know more about the technology, then you have come to the right place. At Pfaff Audi and our Pre-Owned Sales Facility in Woodbridge, ON, we not only deal with high-end vehicles to our customers, but we also provide information about how the technology on those vehicles works. In this blog, we talk about how Audi connect works. 


myAudi is your direct link to the world of Audi. When you sign up for a myAudi account, you’ll activate the full range of exclusive features and services for your Audi. Once you set up your myAudi account, you can access Audi connect services from anywhere using the myAudi app. Get connected through the all-new myAudi portal by signing up for an account and downloading the new myAudi app on your smartphone or tablet.

Audi connect navigation 

Keeping you connected to your world even on the go. With high-speed 4G Internet access embedded in your Audi, get access to a range of entertainment and information services streamed seamlessly to you and your Audi. Assessing the road ahead while you drive. Get real-time updates on changes in speed limits, temporary traffic, and construction signs sent directly to your navigation system so that you can plan your travel accordingly. Using data from central traffic light control, your Audi notifies you the amount of time left until the traffic light changes from red to green. At the same time, when you approach green lights, your Audi will provide a suggested speed limit to pass through the light safely.

audiconnect2Security and assistance features 

In the event of a collision or accident, your Audi can contact emergency services automatically and dispatch your GPS location to send for assistance. An Emergency Call can also be placed manually using the SOS button found on the upper panel of your vehicle. In case of a breakdown or mechanical fault, the Online Roadside Assistance Centre can be contacted for help. With the click of a button located on the upper panel of your vehicle, Roadside Assistance services will be dispatched directly to your location. Help is only a click away. Using your Audi’s MMI, emergency services or Roadside Assistance can easily be found if needed. Or if your Audi detects you’ve run into an issue on the road, the MMI will recommend assistance services that best suit your needs.

e-Tron services 

Charging your car has never been easier. Using the myAudi app, check or monitor the status of your e-Tron’s charge level and available range anytime, anywhere. Forgot to press start on your charger? Activate the start button remotely via myAudi. When your e-Tron reaches full charge, simply stop the charging process using the myAudi app. Always the perfect temperature. Remotely activate your e-Tron’s climate control system using the myAudi app. In the winter, pre-heat your e-Tron by starting the heated seats, heated steering wheel and heated windshield functions all while minimizing the energy consumed.

If you are still looking for information about the Audi connect system and how it works, then we encourage you to come into our Pfaff Audi dealership and speak with a representative. We can take you out for a test drive and show you how the Audi connect system works and how it creates a totally hands-off and safe environment for you and your passengers.

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