What Audi should I buy for my teenager?


What Audi should I buy for my teenager?

Driving is a rite of passage for teenagers, and many parents decide to encourage their growing independence by getting them a car. At times, selecting the perfect car for a teenager can be stressful, as parents and teens sometimes have different priorities. With Audi, though, the process doesn’t need to involve any conflict. There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing an Audi for your teenager to drive. When you come to visit our Pfaff Audi dealership in Vaughan, ON, you will find a very large selection of new and pre-owned Audi vehicles. If you are shopping for a vehicle for your teenager either for their first car or for a replacement vehicle, then you can’t go wrong with choosing an Audi. Read on to learn more about which Audi you should choose for your teenager to drive. 

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Safety should a top priority 

Safety should always be the primary concern when selecting a vehicle, especially one for an inexperienced driver. Whatever vehicles you and your teen consider, make sure they have: high safety ratings, airbags, anti-lock brakes, all-wheel-drive, and other driver-assist technology. When looking at Audi vehicles, safety doesn’t help you narrow down the list of potential cars a lot. Most Audis have excellent safety ratings and are equipped with a host of safety features, including plenty of airbags, anti-lock brakes, Quattro all-wheel drive, and several available driver-assist features.

Consider a sedan that is practical for driving 

Teenagers sometimes get caught up with the power, looks, or utility that certain Audi vehicles offer. There’s little reason to get a teen driver an exotic vehicle, though. Too much horsepower can be a temptation, and convertibles aren’t practical primary vehicles. It’s often even wise to avoid SUVs, as their extra seating can provide more room for friends, who may be distracting to an inexperienced driver. A sedan will offer plenty of power and room for everyday driving, and they don’t have fold-down tops. As added bonuses, Audi’s new sedans have sleek designs that appeal to young adults, and they’re more fuel-efficient than some other types of vehicles.

Consider a certified pre-owned Audi vehicle 

To see what Audi sedans are within your budget, head to an Audi dealership, and look at the certified pre-owned sedans that are available. Certified pre-owned vehicles are great for teenage drivers for reasons that include: They cost less than brand new Audi vehicles, have passed rigorous inspections and tests for quality, can get roadside assistance and other services, and you don’t have to sacrifice on performance or other features.

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