How does my Audi app work?


How does my Audi app work?

myAudi is your key to the digitally networked world of Audi. Access important vehicle data, manage your data via the portal or app and set up your services individually. When you buy a high-end Audi vehicle, it stands to reason that there should be a plethora of services and tools that go along with the vehicle. It is for this reason that the myAudi app was created for our valued customers. The Audi app is a useful tool for Audi owners in a variety of ways, but for those less than tech-savvy individuals, how can these people learn about this useful tool as well? That is why the folks at Pfaff Audi in Vaughan, ON, have put together a blog that outlines the myAudi app and how it works. Read on to learn more about how your Audi app works, and what you can use it for! 

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In a nutshell…

myAudi focuses on the user and is compelling thanks to high-performance functions that offer the user real added value. Whether digital service verification, personal vehicle details, a vehicle status report or news about Audi: all this and much more is ready for you at the touch of a button, from the comfort of your PC at home or on the road via your smartphone or tablet. As an Audi connect user, you also have access to all personal services after registering in the myAudi app or the myAudi portal, such as locking and unlocking your vehicle with your smartphone. You can also make settings for your services or send your personal navigation destinations to your Audi. The use of Audi connect services depends on the country and model.

The myAudi App

The myAudi app connects your Audi with your everyday life and brings more driving comfort into your life thanks to innovative functions and services. Get real-time information about your vehicle at any time and keep an eye on petrol levels, range, service appointments, alerts, and much more. Plan your trips comfortably in the app and send destinations and routes directly to your vehicle. Air conditioning and opening and closing vehicle doors can be operated remotely. Depending on the model and features of your Audi, the availability of the services may vary.

Stay in touch 

myAudi service verification 

Service verification documents the entire service history of your vehicle and replaces the traditional booklet form with stamp fields. All service and maintenance work is automatically entered here and stored securely in your myAudi account.

myAudi logbook 

After you have entered your vehicle in myAudi, the manual for your Audi model becomes available in digital form. With an interactive keyword search and, of course, in the language of your choice.

myAudi vehicle details 

This means that you always have all the information about your Audi at hand: the myAudi vehicle details allow you to access the model year, chassis number, initial registration, engine equipment, performance, and many other details online, without the inconvenience of having to look anything up in the vehicle registration document.

The myAudi app is a very useful tool for Audi owners. If you have recently purchased a high-end Audi vehicle and you are looking for more information about how your Audi app works, then we encourage you to get in touch with a Pfaff Audi representative today. Click here to learn about the Pfaff Difference. 

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