The Audi AI: RACE

audiairaceThe Audi AI: RACE

A high-performance sports car with electric drive: For the first time, Audi is presenting a design and technical concept car at Pebble Beach Automotive Week in Monterey, California. The all-electric Audi AI: RACE presents a radical vision for the high-performance sports car of tomorrow. Broad and flat, visibly inspired by the wind tunnel and the race track, its very presence signals that it is destined to push boundaries. At Pfaff Audi, we have a huge selection of new and pre-owned Audi vehicles that are waiting for you to take out for a test drive. You can find features of the vehicles you are looking for on our website or by visiting our Pfaff Audi Pre-Owned Sales facility today. However, in this blog, we are taking a different approach than usual. In this blog, we will be sharing some information about an Audi concept vehicle called the Audi AI: RACE. 

Built for the race track and the road 

In the Audi AI: RACE, the driver is the one steering and stepping on the gas or brake pedal. There are therefore no complex systems for piloted driving on board and no comfort features to add weight. In their place are a driver’s seat and a cockpit that is integrated into an inner monocoque shell that can be slid laterally. When driven solo, the monocoque can be positioned in the center of the interior, the perfect location for the racetrack. This is made possible not least by the by-wire design of the steering and pedals; a mechanical connection of the control elements is not needed.

Gael Buzyn is Head of the Audi Design Loft in Malibu, where the Audi AI: RACE was born. He describes the most important item in the specifications: “We want to offer the driver an experience that is otherwise available only in a racing car like the Audi R18. That’s why we developed the interior around the ideal driver’s position in the center. Nevertheless, our aim was to also give the AI: RACE a high degree of everyday usability, not just for the driver, but also for a potential passenger.”

Motorsport inspiration 

The Audi AI: RACE package follows the traditional architecture of a mid-engine sports car with a cab that is positioned far forward. The car’s center of gravity is located behind the seats and in front of the rear axle, which benefits the driving dynamics. This does not involve the engine-transmission unit, as in a car with a conventional drive system, but rather the battery pack.

A mix of aluminum, carbon and multi-material composites ensures the body of the Audi AI: RACE has a low basic weight. Not least thanks to the innovative and comparatively light solid-state battery, a total weight of less than 1,550 kg (3,417.2 lb) can be expected.

audiairace2Three electric motors and quattro 

The concept uses three powerful electric motors, one upfront and two in the rear. The latter is centrally located between the steering knuckles, each directly driving one wheel via half-shafts. They deliver a power output of up to 150 kW to the front axle and 350 kW to the rear, the Audi AI: RACE is a true quattro, of course. The maximum output is 500 kW, with boosting, the driver can temporarily mobilize up to 570 kW. The combined torque of up to 830-newton meters (612.2 lb-ft) allows acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in scarcely more than 2 seconds, a speed that differs only marginally from that of a current LMP1 prototype.

The suspension 

The front and rear have independent suspension on lower and upper transverse control arms, and, as commonly found in motor racing, a push-rod system on the front axle and pull-rod system on the rear, in both cases with adaptive magnetic ride shock absorbers. The suspension of the Audi R18 e-tron quattro Le Mans racing car served as the model for the basic architecture.

The wheels measure 22 inches in diameter and are fitted with 275/35 tires in the front and 315/30 in the back. Large carbon brake discs with a 19-inch diameter, in conjunction with the electric brake, safely and steadily decelerate the Audi AI: RACE even in tough racetrack conditions.

Obviously, there is no way for the public to get behind the wheel of the Audi AI: RACE concept vehicle. However, our valued customers can schedule a test drive in any of our vehicles at our Pfaff Audi Pre-Owned Sales facility in Woodbridge, ON! Continue reading through our blog for more interesting content. Click here to find our contact information, schedule a test drive, or to speak with a representative.